How to Find Prospects When You Seem to Have None

How to Find Prospects When You Seem to Have None

You hit the wall, ran out of gas, lost your steam: that is to say, there isn’t a potential client in sight.

It happens to everyone in the financial advisory business and any other where prospects are precious. So what do you do when it happens? Our featured author has some advice.

How many people do you know? The New York Times, which may or may not be the paper of record in America (everything is contentious these days), says the average individual knows 600 people. That’s more than most of us can count as Facebook friends, so it bears some consideration.

Our expert recommends that you ponder the question. Who are these 600? Add up the members of your family: mom, dad, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, their kids and so on. You may find that the tree’s branches extend pretty far. Now examine your neighborhood, even if that’s only an apartment complex. How many neighbors do you know?

Here’s an interesting idea: think about the neighborhood where you grew up and the people you knew in school. Are you still in touch? How many could you find, if you wanted?

What about businesses that enjoy your custom – restaurants, dry cleaner, golf pro shop, fine grocers, bowling alley and so on. Whether you’re on a first name basis or not, you know the owner – or rather, he or she had better know you, a good, solid customer. Count the stores you frequent and we bet it adds up.

Do you frequent the gym? Attend synagogue, mosque or church? Do you play in a friendly sports league or have kids who like to compete? Have you joined any clubs or charitable groups? The list goes on and it seems you do have plenty of prospects, after all.

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