What Rich People Are Like When No One is Looking

What Rich People Are Like When No One is Looking

Why in Heaven’s name should the rich be any different from the rest of us?

We’re all aware of what Scott Fitzgerald said about the rich, and it’s a rare article on the wealthy that fails to quote it (our linked feature is no exception). But if we ponder for a second or two, perhaps lounging beside the public pool (distinguished from the one behind Gatsby’s mansion only for the lack of a corpse), we can see the nonsense in his statement. 

People are people. And in the United States, few will argue that when it comes to values, most folks are solidly middle class, whatever their net worth. Let’s consider some carefully gleaned evidence on the topic – as a financial advisor, you may find a few angles to exploit, and we mean that in the nicest, most helpful of ways. 

Rich people may splash out, but they love a bargain. Is a client or prospect  looking to purchase something delicious? A fine watch, a toney vacation property, a diamond stickpin? If your intel tells you so, see if you can ferret out a bargain. Take the client to your guy in the diamond district, your lady in real estate, that indeterminately gendered salesperson in the discretely hidden Swiss watch emporium. The client will delight in the savings, but you keep mum – being a cheapskate is only a thrill if no one suspects. Discretion is the key to successful financial relationships, after all.

Family matters are commonplace in discussions with high-net-worth clients. Quite often, you’ll be party to some pretty aggressive mudslinging. Don’t be misled: the wealthy are savagely loyal to family. Again, discretion is your watchword: never criticize a client’s family, no matter how odious the miscreant in question. Remain forever respectful and your delicacy will be appreciated. 

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