Advisory Expertise: How to Text Like a Pro to Grow Your Practice

Advisory Expertise: How to Text Like a Pro to Grow Your Practice

Texting is one of those things that drives everyone to distraction.

Look at that lunatic, texting in traffic. At lunch, we often want to yell, put down that phone, pick up your fork and say something witty – even golf talk is better than that beetle-browed, tap-tap-taping. Why does everyone do it, you wonder?

In our office, we’re less concerned about social mores than we are about growing our business. If that’s a shared concern, then you’d best make texting your friend – there’s few better ways to develop a solid client relationship.

Our linked author, Dusty Russell, relationship manager at Redtail Technology, puts it like this: “Clear communication channels are a fundamental part of building strong, trusting relationships, and texting offers advisors one of the easiest and quickest inroads to improving communication efforts.”

Dusty likes texting because it’s so efficient – creating a text is easy and the platform allows swift back-and-forth communications. Consider the task of reminding clients about meeting times and events. Even the simplest email or phone call involves formalities, pleasantries and other intricacies that eat up time – a good text comes right to the point. Curiously, Dusty says, time-strapped advisories are dragging their feet in adopting texting as a preferred method of providing client updates.

On the other side, clients often have quick questions for their advisors and little time of their own to spare – if you’re accessible via texting, they can get your attention easily at just about any time. This shouldn’t burden the advisor excessively – indeed, contact via texting should be welcomed, as it focuses on content and service – in the quickest possible time.

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