Ways the Elite Advisers Find New Clients

Ways the Elite Advisers Find New Clients

The new clients are out there and they want your advice.

Mind you, they don’t know your face or the name of your practice just yet, but these are mere details. Locating good prospects and turning them into trusted customers has always been a challenge, but the skills and experience of the elite advisers are there for us to learn. 

Our first task is to figure out where the best sort of leads are congregated – the high-net-worth individuals who make your business profitable. Let’s run down a checklist of prime real estate where you can find the targets you seek.

Start with social prospecting. Do some research on the professional organizations, charities and sports clubs in your region – your imagination will reveal many possibilities. Determine which ones are magnets for your target audience. Next, get involved – volunteer for the charity, speak at the business club, write something for a newsletter, play some tennis or golf. In other words, get yourself known and start making friends. Sooner than you imagine, you’ll find people who need your professional advice and service. 

Here’s an clever idea: plan your own events for top clients and ask them to bring along their friends. The evening should be entertaining and perhaps feature a helpful presentation on pressing events – anything at all that people would find useful or stimulating. Arrange it so a good time is had by all, with an eye for making yourself useful and building new connections. 

Don’t be shy about asking for contacts. Our social networks are the best way to get a new job, find a good dentist, locate a new holiday destination, or get just about anything done. A satisfied customer is perhaps the best gateway possible for finding excellent new contacts. 

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