Gifts that Every Traveler Will Love

Gifts that Every Traveler Will Love

Of all the people to buy gifts for, enthusiastic travelers are some of the easiest.

Anything that makes getting from A to B more convenient or eases some of the physical or psychological burdens is always welcome. Here are few suggestions for the traveler on your holiday shopping list.

Even veteran fliers can be undone by turbulence. No matter how often we hear that turbulence poses no danger, it’s nonetheless stressful and unpleasant. SkyGuru is an app that can help manage the agitation that comes with a bumpy flight.  Open the app, enter your flight information, and put the phone in airplane mode for taxi. The app offers step-by-step guidance on what’s happening through taxi, takeoff, flight and landing. It predicts the jolts and explains why you need not worry.  $9.99 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Visit or the App Store.

Personal security is a topic that frequently concerns travelers. While you might depend on pepper spray to fend off potential attackers, you can’t carry it on board a flight. In some countries, it’s even illegal. The Sound Grenade, a small device about the size of a key fob, emits a 120-decibel piercing shriek that’s likely to shock and repel muggers, angry bears or other miscreants.  It works like a grenade – just pull the pin. Unlike a grenade however, you can put the pin back when you decide the danger has passed.  Look for it at

Travel can be exhausting, and what sounds better than a visit to the spa after a long flight? Sadly though, a spa indulgence may not be practical for any number of reasons. A reasonable substitute is the Steam Shower Spray from Travertine Spa. It turns your hotel shower into a eucalyptus-scented steam bath. Order it at

Packing can be a nightmare, especially for the female traveler, and the dilemma of what to wear can culminate in a bag stuffed with far more clothes than necessary. Fortunately, fashion maven Karen Klopp, founder of the website, has made the decision-making process a little bit easier in her book titled Packing for Travel. Follow her sage advice and you’ll have the right attire for any scenario. Order the book from

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