Turn Your Review Meetings into Moneymakers

Turn Your Review Meetings into Moneymakers

Review meetings done properly offer many relationship-building opportunities.

Ask any client what they think about review meetings, and they’re likely to stifle a yawn. Advisors may think much the same, making the review meeting a frequently neglected activity for many firms. And yet, done properly, review meetings can blossom into excellent opportunities to build relationships. Here are a few tips to make review meetings work for you.

Capture attention with high-level service

Imagine your client boasting about their custom-printed parking space on social media. Visualize using a similar minimal-effort /maximum-impact method. Details done right generate positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.

Get the particulars

Choose opportune moments to obtain source names and ask for introductions. After an appropriate holding period, act on these leads with confidence.

Structure it

A structured review process fosters consistency. Offering a choice of venues and agendas, and engaging the whole family, are all important.

Offer more

By asking the right questions, you can uncover opportunities and advertise the array of services on offer. The more you prepare for reviews of clients’ planning, insurance, and lending needs, the better conversion rates you’ll see.

Embrace the “R” word

Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into research on your clients. Understanding what makes them tick is crucial to acing that review meeting by asking questions that resonate with them. At the end of the day, specific knowledge about your clients and their families fosters successful long-term business relationships.

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