You Can’t Take a Ride on This Beer Train

You Can’t Take a Ride on This Beer Train

Imagine this. You go to a restaurant and order a drink.

It arrives at your table moments later, delivered by a model train that stops at your “station.”  Pick up your glass and the train is off to its next destination.

Petr Fridrich, who opened a restaurant offering this entertaining option in the Czech city of Brno in 2009, decided that he could combine business with his enthusiasm for model trains. The idea took off, and soon he opened two more restaurants in Prague. He estimates that his trains have delivered nearly 6 million drinks, with his Prague location serving about 1500 drinks on an average day.

Following his success in his home country, Fridrich decided to expand – to Chicago. The city offers a large German community and had large space available. With the location, he decided that beer was the right option. He’ll offer craft brewed Czech style pilsner delivered by model trains of his own design. If the location is a success, he may open as many as 30 restaurants in the US.

Fridrich also intends to expand into China, but plans to use a franchise model. The first Chinese location will open this year, with 120 more planned to open over the next 15 years.

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