New Technology to Revolutionize the Way We Charge Our Phones

New Technology to Revolutionize the Way We Charge Our Phones

Making sure the phone is charged is always a worry, and how many times have you forgotten the charger or been away from an electrical outlet?

But soon, this may be a problem of the past.

Scientists from Stanford have published a paper describing a wireless charging method that requires no docking station. The method involves using strong magnetic fields. A large magnet amplifier can power a device wirelessly – in their research, a LED light was powered as it was moved further and further from its power source. A magnetic receiver completes the circuit and allows the power to flow.

Today’s wireless charging technology requires proximity – generally an inch or two. Devices also have to be connected at a certain frequency.  But the new magnetic field technology doesn’t need to be tuned and it doesn’t require proximity. All it has to be is within the magnetic field.

If the technology can be scaled, it could change the face of wireless charging.

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