Reinventing the Game of Golf

Reinventing the Game of Golf

Golfers always want more – more distance, more spin, more time – and the ability to match their equipment to their game.

Golf offers many choices in terms of brands, products, designs and specifications. They worry about things like ball compression, stiffness of shaft and the tackiness of the grip.

Golf is a huge industry. It is worth $70 billion in the United States alone. And the many developments that fuel the industry and the sport first appear at the PGA Merchandise Show, which is held every January in Florida.  This year, more than 40,000 people attended the show, which took up a million square feet of convention space. More than a thousand vendors exhibit their wares to the golf professionals involved. The show is not open to the general public.

The most talked about product of the year is the Danish TrackMan AS. An orange and black panel that looks like an iMac without a screen uses radar and swing data to teach pros and golf course designers. At $18,995 it’s not a toy, but an institutional teaching tool.  But don’t think that the everyday duffer is left out.  The Arccos system inserts into the grip of a club, records the data for every swing, and collects the data over a round. The data is fed into a proprietary Microsoft program that then tells the golfer the best club choice for a particular shot on a particular course. The information is then displayed on the golfer’s smartphone.

Aside from the Arccos, there are plenty of fun new products that were exhibited this year and now available online. For example, we have the Ping G Iron, which is characterized as a performance club that offers four times the face flex, higher shot flight and increased moment of inertia (MOI).

For golfers who love spiffy gear, Biion golf shoes are just the ticket. They’re a combination of golf shoes, boat shoes and snazzy street shoes with no spikes and no laces. What’s not to love?

The October Golf Gear Bag uses military technology to give golfers the ability to modularize their bag’s layout – you can have one pocket or fifteen.

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