Build Your Business through Podcasting

Build Your Business through Podcasting

Podcasts can be a very effective tool for client education, prospecting, and strengthening your brand.

Not only can they reach a wide range of clients and prospects, but they can do so very cost effectively.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical to distinguish your practice and stand out from the pack. Clients have myriad options, and the economy has become more experience- than service-based. Clients are looking for meaningful experiences and they’re willing to pay.

Podcasts can significantly enhance the client educational experience, and do so while making the most of your time. How many times have you answered the same question? With a podcast, you can send a link to clients who call with a common problem or issue. Recommend that the client listen to the podcast, and then schedule a meeting or call for questions.  This approach can take what might have been a half hour call and reduce it to a much shorter discussion. The podcast also allows the client to provide more useful information and ask better questions.

In order to record a podcast, you’ll need microphones, headphones, and audio mixers as well as a computer. While it’s possible to record directly from a smartphone, it’s better to look and sound as professional as possible. You may want to consider recording in a studio for the best sound quality. However, unless you have a studio nearby, you might be better served using your own equipment.

In addition to the recording and editing software on the computer, you’ll want to learn about hosting programs and how they will interact with your website. Reaper is a good program for recording and editing, although the free Apple Garage Band can also work.  You’ll also need to set up an account with a podcast hosting website – Blubrry is one option.  You also want a hosting site that offers RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to distribute content.

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