Why Your Belly Fat Isn’t Going Away

Why Your Belly Fat Isn’t Going Away

There’s little more demoralizing than looking down to see your swollen stomach mocking you and stymying your efforts to zip your jeans.

And while a little bit of fat on the belly is good for you, as it protects the stomach, intestines and other delicate organs (I’m willing to let them take their chances), too much is decidedly unhealthy as well as unsightly.

Belly fat causes trouble. Those extra fat cells deep in the abdomen pump out adipose hormones and adipokines – and these little pestilences make their way to the blood vessels and organs, creating inflammation that can lead to maladies like heart disease and diabetes.

Fortunately, there are choices you can make that will help you shed this unwelcome pudge. For example, to get rid of belly fat you need to eat a bit of fat – monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), to be exact. In one study when women switched to a 1600 calorie, high-MUFA diet they lost a third of their belly fat in a month. Moreover, MUFAs are filling and help you avoid poor-quality foods. To derive the benefit, add a handful of nuts, a tablespoon of olive oil or a quarter of an avocado to every meal.

Depression can also lead to belly fat, likely because it leads to a lot of sitting around and eating crap. The good news is that exercise can help. It improves the level of brain chemicals that regulate the metabolism of fat, and it also improves mood. This leads to other activities that can make you feel better. But it the depression doesn’t lift, it’s time to seek medical help.

If you’re eating a lot of simple carbs and added sugar, you’re causing your blood sugar to spike. This, in turn, leads to a flood of insulin that encourages your liver to store fat in the midsection. But instead of focusing on depriving yourself, try adding extra servings of fruit and vegetables at meals. If you fill up on good things, you’ll have less desire for the junk.

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