The Link Between Boredom and Creativity

The Link Between Boredom and Creativity

For those of us older than 35, it’s likely that we have memories of intense boredom when we were kids – the interminably long days of summer vacation during which we whine disconsolately about having nothing to do.

Today’s kids will never know that sensation, what with all their screens and devices.

One writer noted that the less often she was bored, the fewer creative ideas she had. Science has borne out her feeling. Research shows that boredom serves the purpose of spurring bursts of energy to improve our situations and giving our thoughts the opportunity to drift and stir up new ideas.

Indeed, research has shown that boredom is essential to creativity. Given the hectic pace of life today, it might be necessary to retrain the brain.  One action you can take is to put down the devices and just space out. You can become addicted to devices, as they give the brain’s reward centers bursts of pleasure. The more this happens, the more the brain will crave the activity.  However, the opposite is also true. The more you put the gadgets down, the easier it will become to “space out,” occasionally.

Another step to take is to put the boot in the obsession with responding to every communication at lightning speed.  Everyone is obsessed with being busy, but it’s just as important to take time to just be.

People also engage in frantic activity to avoid feelings that make them uncomfortable. Face these feelings instead of distracting yourself with your phone.

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