Increase Your Resilience

Increase Your Resilience

No one is immune from the challenges of life. At one time or another, we all face illness, personal or professional crises, and loss.

These challenges can, at times, seem overwhelming. Stress builds, and the body releases hormones that can cause anxiety, which in turn can result in bad decisions. But there’s one quality that can help face these challenges and prevail, and that quality is resilience.

One thing that can contribute to resilience is clarity. It’s easy to talk about what outcomes we’d like to avoid, but we need to think about what we want to happen. Negative thoughts can lurk in our subconscious and become targets.  Having clarity about the outcome can help you get what you want.

One way to work on developing resilience is looking to role models in the various parts of your life. You know different people who excel in various areas. Emulate them, and go to them for support and advice.

Taking on new responsibilities and tasks that might create anxiety will ultimately build you up. The more you do something that scares you, the more ordinary and routine it will become. Slowly, you learn that there is no cause for fear or anxiety.

When you face new challenges, manage your thinking. Don’t focus on the negatives. Stay discliplined, and when you veer toward catastrophic thinking, actively shift your attention away. Avoid viewing situations as insurmountable problems.

Every time you feel anxious, remind yourself of the situations in which you’ve overcome challenges and adversity. Say it out loud. When you tell yourself these stories out loud, you focus on instances in which you’ve successfully dealt with anxiety successfully.

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