Summer is the Season for Prospecting

Summer is the Season for Prospecting

This time of year, everyone is focused on summer fun and taking some time off work.

While many advisors slack off too, summer can offer excellent prospecting opportunities since it’s the perfect time to interact with clients and prospects in a non-business setting.

Try this: ask your top 25 clients what their plans for the summer are. Where are they going on vacation, who are they going to see over the summer, and when will they be spending time in town?  Once you’ve got this information, you can plan your own summer social activities. Attend local events, or host your own – maybe a cookout or a pool party – and invite clients and prospects.  And when you know their vacation plans, you have a chance to delight them with a thoughtful gesture or small gift like a travel guide or novel set in the locale they’ll be visiting.

When you get contact names from your clients, try to meet them socially. When you make it easy for your clients to help you, they will. It’s much easier for clients to introduce you in the less formal environment of a summer social event. It’s called relationship marketing – mixing business with pleasure.

So get creative about making connections and learning to whom your clients can offer introductions. Then you can plan social activities accordingly. Get out there and make the connections that will fill your pipeline for the next year.

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