Can You Spot the Fake News?

Can You Spot the Fake News?

It seems like all people talk about is fake news these days.

One thing is certain though; there is plenty of it. Consequently, it behooves us all to be able to recognize it when we see it. But some fake news is subtle, and it can a bit harder to identify more masterful attempts to fool us.

But now a team of researchers at American University in Washington, DC has developed a game that lets you try your hand at identifying fake news. The game, called Factitious, can be found at

The game uses actual news stories pulled from the web, along with source information. You decide whether the story is real or fake. It’s harder than you would expect.

It’s likely that you’ll have already seen a lot of the stories crop up on Facebook. But really, the game is harder than you think.  The AU team created the game to show people how easy it is to be taken in. It works like this. You see one story at a time and pick yes or no after you read it. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be shown the answer and if you chose incorrectly, you’ll get some tips on where you went wrong.

It’s a fun game, but more importantly, it proves an important point. You might want to share it with certain friends or family members.

According to the Factitious team, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from fake news. First, check the article source and ask yourself what the article’s purpose is. Is there contact information on the site? If not, that’s a big, fat red flag. Sites like Snopes, and Washington Post Fact Checker can also give you information on whether a story as been verified.

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