Danger Signs that Your Workplace Could be Lacking in Emotional Intelligence

Danger Signs that Your Workplace Could be Lacking in Emotional Intelligence

Researchers have discovered a troubling trend in the corporate world.

Many of the employees who flee the corporate environment embody one important characteristic – they have a high “EQ,” or emotional intelligence quotient.  And what’s prompting them to leave? They oftentimes find themselves working in low-EQ environments.

So what’s the problem? There are plenty. For example, business goals are often uninspiring. Do most people really care if their business segments hits 25% market share? Most likely, they’re not too excited unless they have equity or a direct financial incentive. Emotionally intelligent people want goals that have a higher purpose, something with personal meaning. If they understand how achieving that market share makes customers’ lives better, they might care a lot more.

Leadership can also be to blame. When employees discuss projects, they face a tribunal rather than colleagues who are curious about outcomes and offer helpful insights. Cooperation is the key, rather than an inquisition that has employees slink away to lick their wounds.

Too much analysis, planning and preparation, without any heart, also discourages these talented employees. Showing empathy and concern for employees rather than interest in only the bottom line keeps employees interested in their work.

Another bugaboo is micro-management. This type of management style doesn’t advertise anything good about the manager. Rather, it screams insecurity and distrust. Self-confident managers know how to give empower employees to achieve results.

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