The 7 Best Brain Foods

The 7 Best Brain Foods

The wide world of sports is chock full of anabolic-induced scandals.

In the drive to get bigger, faster and stronger, all with greater endurance, athletes have resorted to a wide array of illegal means to secure the victory. While this may bring short-term glory, the downside is that, once the illicit substance use is identified, the athlete faces immediate shame and a veritable exile from their way of life.

Shadowing this incessant goal to be the most competitive physically is the drive to dominate the academic realm. While there is no clear comparison to the multitude of anabolic enhancements available from the underworld, there are things that you can take that will give you an edge.  Fortunately, all of these recommendations are not only completely legal, but are natural and very healthy.  Read on to hear about some of the amazing foods you can eat to give your intellect a boon.

Not only are blueberries delicious, they also contain substances that promote blood flow to the brain.  These tiny wonders are super-charged with antioxidants, and have been linked to staving off multiple life-threatening diseases.  

Green tea has become all but deified in both medical research and the wider pop-culture.  Anyone who isn’t aware that it has amongst the highest concentrations of naturally occurring antioxidants has been living in a cave for the past decade.  Specific to giving you a boost in your mental pursuits, compounds in green tea result in the caffeine entering your bloodstream more gradually than say, a double shot of espresso from your local cafe.  This ultimately provides a more even lift in energy, versus a spiked high followed by a precipitous crash.  

There is also great news for anyone who is drawn to the dark side; especially if this dark side involves dark chocolate.  Like blueberries, dark chocolate increases the flow of blood to the brain, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen it receives.  When this is coupled with its natural caffeine content, there are few ways more enjoyable than this sweet that will put your studying into hyperdrive.  

Fortunately, your options for boosting your mental output are not limited by this short list.  If you strive to make yourself as competitive as possible where it matters most, check out some of the other super foods that could be the difference between failure and success:  
The 7 Best Brain Foods To Help You Study | Spoon University


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