Don’t Let Your Personality Hold Back Your Business

Don’t Let Your Personality Hold Back Your Business

It is exponentially easier to find a completely honest used-car salesman than it is to find someone with genuine humility, especially in the financial services biz.

And keep in mind that true humility has nothing to do with low self-esteem or with always referring to yourself in a deprecating manner. Rather, it involves keeping yourself grounded. In other words, humility keeps you from being labeled as a raging megalomaniac.

Let’s be honest: working in the ultra social-Darwinist environment of managing money and/or clients is a win big –or- lose big situation.  Accordingly, there is nothing more common than to cross paths with professionals whose egos are proportional to their asset base.  While these people undoubtedly deserve the rewards from their hard work and talent, they often fail to realize that they can be short changing themselves both personally and professionally by constantly reminding everyone within earshot about how awesome they are.  

Perhaps the most relevant place where the proverbial rubber hits the road in any professional’s life is not when they are interviewing with a potential employer or mega-sized client, but rather when they are dealing with a recruiter. People with oversized egos fail to keep in mind that recruiters have access to some amazing professional opportunities, and that by treating recruiters poorly, the prospects of landing that dream job are greatly reduced.  

Mindy Diamond, President and CEO of Diamond Consultants, feels that oversized egos and tough-talk negotiations are definitely NOT the way to approach any recruiter. In fact, she feels that your “likeability” can potentially either make or break your professional ambitions, regardless of the windfall profits you generated for your present firm over the past twelve months.

Instead of focusing on the hard figures of the deal, she recommends that you try to develop a relationship with your recruiter.  After all, it makes sense that if you are seeking opportunities based on your ability to create relationships, you should at least be able to establish one with a consultant.  

Diamond has several other great perspectives on how to best approach and work with recruiters. If you are interested in hearing about some key points on landing a better position, click on the link below:
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