Signs that Show You’re Meant to Lead

Signs that Show You’re Meant to Lead

Leadership is a popular topic; search on Google for the term and you’ll see literally millions of results.

Tens of thousands of books have been written on the subject. But at the end of the day, how do you define great leadership? Some would say that the foundation of great leadership is serving others.

When it comes to being a great boss, leadership means serving your employees and realizing that employees are just as important as clients and customers; it takes both to make a business successful. You have to empower workers and help them succeed. But what does this mean in practice? This form of leadership is called servant leadership.

But what are the signs of great leadership? First of all, a great leader is able to connect with people. He or she does this by showing humanity. When the great leader makes a mistake, he or she admits it. By acting as a model for authenticity, the leader shows that employees can feel safe in admitting mistakes.

Leaders create a diverse group and make these diverse employees feel psychologically safe. Their employees feel secure enough to take risks and exercise their creativity, as well as communicate ideas openly. This creates an atmosphere in which everyone can participate.

Great leaders also show compassion, which is more than just empathy. While empathy is necessary and a great start, compassion means that the leader can feel what others feel but doesn’t stop there. He or she takes whatever steps possible to alleviate obstacles. The Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science documents that compassionate management leads to higher company performance, increased innovation, improved customer retention and higher profitability.

Transparency is also a critical quality. The great leader doesn’t hoard information; he or she keeps team members in the loop. Research shows that companies that share privileged information with employees reduce uncertainty and reduce stress.

Understanding what motivates behavior is also an important quality. Leaders who get team members to go above and beyond understand positive psychology; positive emotions are the foundation of human motivation. Leaders understand what will inspire employees to perform at a higher level and they manage in a way that plays to the individual attributes of each employee

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