Four Ways to Make Your Business Bloom

Four Ways to Make Your Business Bloom

Our linked author, Andrew Skipper, has worked in real estate for 45 years.

The co-founder and CEO of Evergreen Devco Inc., he has developed around 500 major real estate projects across the US. In his article, Mr. Skipper shares four secrets of his success. Perhaps you’ll find them helpful in your business practice.

First, he writes about the power of the calendar. This brought to mind a friend who used to travel extensively in South Asia back in the 1970s – in the days when foreign air tickets were expensive and travel across the continent difficult to organize, but exciting in ways hard to replicate today. He wasn’t independently wealthy and his job as a construction foreman seemed to yield little surplus. Yet he traveled more than many of our prosperous acquaintances.

His secret? Decide when to go, then buy a ticket. That commitment was so intense – tickets being so dear – that it exerted a creative pressure driving you to find of the rest of the travel funds. As the man says, failure was not an option. Mr. Skipper says he used a similar approach in business and it paid off time and again. So set a hard schedule – put yourself on the line and you’ll see the world or perhaps success in your business.

The second point: build honest and true relationships. Everyone in business knows this advice, perhaps, but Skipper takes it to heart. He warns that relationships based solely on gain will not endure. If your relationships aren’t authentic, respectful and trusting – those are his words – they’re doomed to fail. People can tell when you aren’t sincere, he cautions. Skipper says he works on his relationships both business and personal every single day.

So there’s two nuggets of his wisdom. Click below for the rest.

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