Life and Annuity Agents: Get Networking Strong in 2019

Life and Annuity Agents: Get Networking Strong in 2019

Networking: it’s a dirty job but if done right, it pays off.

Let’s get going with some fresh strategies for 2019.

To start the year right, you should already have identified your target markets. If you haven’t done so yet – there’s your task for the week. Determine where your skills and products best fit, where to find the ideal customers and where your strengths can really count. It’s OK to strike out into new territory – in fact, it’s essential – but agents sometimes lose sight of their bread-and-butter markets. Don’t let this happen to your practice.

We’re big believers in lists and so is our featured author.  There’s no end to the things you can list: long-term lessons; short-term tasks; follow-up leads; new leads; books to read; apps to try. Our expert favors a questions list. If you’ve already cataloged a range of solid questions, during networking events, you’ll never feel distracted or tongue-tied again.

It’s a good idea to compile your lists on file cards or in notebooks. Hand-writing your ideas supports memory retention in a way that typing and digital noodling cannot match. Our author doesn’t recommend actually reading from a card during events – but there’s no harm in having helpful notes tucked away in your jacket.

Here’s a good idea conducting follow-ups. Instead of waiting until you’re back in the home office with a stack of new business cards, make the follow-up while you’re still at the event. How is this done? When you meet a prospect, hot or not, ask if it makes sense to get in touch soon. What service could you render? What advice or information do they need? Set a specific time to call or write and you won’t be wasting your time.

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