When the Elderly Change Spaces

When the Elderly Change Spaces

One of the most challenging times in an elderly person’s life comes when failing health or advanced age make living independently difficult.

Some older people opt to move from their homes preemptively, while others stay put until living alone is no longer possible. But whether the individual makes the choice or it’s made for them, the situation is fraught with emotion.

There are various choices for the elderly, depending on health and mobility. There are independent living arrangements within an age-restricted community, assisted living for those who need help with some everyday activities, and continuous care communities which offer graded options from independent living to full nursing care.

Whatever option is chosen, change is always difficult. It’s even more difficult when it heralds the coming end of life. When clients begin to give up things – their homes, their ability to drive, the opportunity to travel – it’s a signal that the grim reaper is circling the block.

Clients who make the choice themselves will still find the transition challenging, but those who are forced into moving often have a more difficult time. But in either case, the client will be forced to change long-established habits and rituals. They are likely to be nervous about the new life to come.

In particular, community living can be very challenging when you’ve been accustomed to living as you please, according to your own rhythm. But helping clients change their focus to the positive aspects can help ease the transition. For example, home repairs just got easier. Now they can pick up a phone rather than the toolbox.  And just think of the company. With all the different types of people in the community, it can be a wonderful chance to make new friends and find people who share hobbies and interests. Moreover, with caretakers on call clients won’t have to worry about who will come to their aid in case of a health issue or fall.

If you can help your clients assess their options, you can make a great contribution to ensuring a good fit. To learn more about helping clients make this transition, please visit:
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