Luke Perry’s Estate Planning Savvy: Lessons for All

Luke Perry’s Estate Planning Savvy: Lessons for All

Popular television actor Luke Perry died of complications resulting from a stroke at the surprisingly young age of 52.

Luke himself provided his family with some consolation in the form of solid estate planning. This isn’t about money: it’s about avoiding heart-wrenching legal troubles at a time when emotions are heavy enough with bereavement.

Luke Perry’s last moments were endured in a manner we all likely hope for: he was surrounded by his loved ones and family. An ex-wife, current fiancé and two children were with him at the last. Together, they made the choice to suspend life support measures, aiming to spare Luke unnecessary suffering.

This was only possible because Luke had made appropriate legal provisions years before he was struck down. It’s good to bear in mind that there was no warning of potentially fatal health problems in the days leading up to his attack. Prepare now, one might say, while the sun is shining.

If he hadn’t concluded the proper legal documents, family members would have needed to petition a court (the procedure in California, where all of this occurred), clearly an emotionally charged move that would have taken place under intense public scrutiny. This is something no family needs to endure, and with correct planning, it can be easily avoided.

Mr. Perry also had a simple will in place. He was reportedly spurred to write this after experiencing a colorectal  cancer scare. Interestingly, Luke responded to this trauma by publicly encouraging people to seek cancer screening and by preparing a will that named his children as heirs to his $10 million fortune. A tragic tale, but uplifting and filled with sage advice for anyone worried about their heirs and legacy.

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