No Margin for Error: Presentation Management Practices for Advisors

No Margin for Error: Presentation Management Practices for Advisors

Information – you can’t always trust it. This has always been the case: news sources, statistical reports, technical brochures and statements by experts and witnesses have always required a critical eye.

In the information age, everyone’s an expert and you must be doubly careful – disinformation, labelled fake news in the current parlance, is everywhere.

The accuracy issue is crucial for financial advisors, particularly when making a public presentation. Inaccurate info can lead to far worse than personal and professional embarrassment, coupled with a loss of business. Regulators take the matter seriously and you could wind up in the hottest of soups, all for a simple mistake in your PowerPoint slides.

Our featured specialist is AlexAnndra Ontra, co-founder of Shufflrr, who wrote the book Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content. She offers practical advice that can help advisories prevent damaging mistakes from sullying their visual presentations.

First, keep all of your company’s presentations together on a cloud-based data storage platform. This assures that everyone on the team is using vetted, up-to-date presentation materials. The task of managing these resources must be handed to a specific employee, who will assure everything is correct and compliant with ever-changing regulatory rulings.

Keeping materials together like this can help a company determine which assets are really useful in presentations and which are being ignored. The latter can either be improved or deleted altogether to prevent them cluttering the system.

Ms. Ontra recommends a system of controlled permission to use the company’s visual resources. Presentations should only be amended by qualified personnel. Clients should only see information that pertains to their case and the general public should not receive proprietary information. Controlling permission to use these visual materials protects the firm and employees from careless misuse and potential embarrassment.

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