The Suffering of Billionaires: Add Longevity to the List

The Suffering of Billionaires: Add Longevity to the List

When considering the lives of the super-wealthy, one might conclude that it isn’t worth the bother.

The joy of engaging work, building structures that endure and employ, and perhaps a touch of respect, even stardom, are the true rewards of the billionaire, we believe. Let us pause to respect their achievements and not waste any time on envy.

Avoiding the latter is simple: all those assets can bring a limo-load of heartache. The US isn’t the world’s billionaire capital, but we have plenty enough and similarly to the population at large, they’re living longer than the Rockefellers. You’d think this promised more years for basking in luxury. Maybe so, but the news columns suggest these bonus years are often spent in counsel with lawyers and sitting on hard courtroom benches.

Judging from the evidence, billionaires have three big problems: wealth, spouses and families. The wealth is honey to the bee and numberless children, grandchildren, siblings and friends have been cultivating a sweet tooth for ages. With hearty billionaires living longer, their patience must withstand considerable strain – and some of them just can’t take it.

Second, many billionaires have been married several times. The lives of high-net-worth players are full of stresses that easily crack relationships, so marriages come in multiples. Divorce is common and unwise unions often appear in later years. All of this points to the third trouble: the Gordian complication of children spawned via multiple spouses. Add in myriad relatives and friends and you’re nearly ready for court.

We must now add a fourth problem to the traditional mix: the longevity issue. A surprising number of aged billionaires have recently appeared before judges, defending their mental competency to manage their assets. We assume the family members behind these cases were just trying to help. No one desires such headaches in their golden years, particularly if they’re plated with platinum.

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