Advisor’s Expertise: Take 20 Minutes to Get LinkedIn Sorted

Advisor’s Expertise: Take 20 Minutes to Get LinkedIn Sorted

LinkedIn offers considerable promise for advisors, but it won’t work unless you put in the time.

Developing your LI profile and taking advantage of the application’s features cannot be done haphazardly. Our featured authors see two kinds of LI users: those who log in rarely and those who never log off. Neither approach is optimal: a little organization is what’s needed.

A ten-point, ten-minute regime is what you need, our authors say. The first daily stop is your inbox. Respond immediately to queries from known parties and fresh approaches from potential clients. Most people start their day by reviewing their email – on LI, simply do likewise.

Next, click on My Network, where you’ll find connection requests. Accept invitations from promising people; block all spammers and schemers. If you’re not sure, simply go to their pages and examine the evidence. Don’t overthink the matter – instincts and experience will tell you who is trustworthy and deserves your time.

Notifications is the third stop. This sections tells you what your contacts are doing – one has a work anniversary, another received a promotion, others have made presentations or left comments on a post. Their activity provides opportunities to respond with a greeting, congratulation or comment of your own. It’s a perfect way to quickly ‘link in’ with your web of connections.

Set a daily goal of contacting 25 new prospects. The Advanced Search function can help you find LI users who match your preferred client profile. Your first contact shouldn’t aim to simply drum up business. Provide value-added content and ask for some phone time. Make yourself useful first and let the business flow from there.

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