How to SHRED Without Breaking a Sweat

How to SHRED Without Breaking a Sweat

Good heavens, when we read the title of the linked article it sounded like they were going to demand a workout.

Thankfully, we can keep on our business attire, have another coffee and stay busy at our desks – things we really enjoy. SHRED in the case under consideration has nothing to do with dumbbell-driven craziness. It’s the kind of workout we want: hard, disciplined application that energizes body and mind. Now, we’re interested, and we hope you are, too.

SHRED: Show up. Hustle. Repeat. Every. Day. In the attached article, the author credit’s a stranger’s son – it’s an interesting tale for those who click through – and it shows that no matter how much pundits may disparage the younger generation – those lazy dreamers – in fact, they have what it takes to gain independence, build a productive life and pay for all the perks.

Show up: you’d think everyone would know by now. One of our editors told us about working for a financial house in Moscow ten years ago. His work done, he was heading out and ran into the CEO. “There he is,” said the boss, “first in, last out.” Not a bad compliment, but our colleague replied, “I don’t see you leaving just yet.” Get there early. Put in your best work. Don’t leave until everything’s ship-shape. Timeless. 

Hustle: While you’re at it, put some energy into it. Don’t glide through the day: stay alert. Give your colleagues a boost when they’re dragging. Think, think, think – how can you improve? What’s not getting done? What problems can you fix? Play the game hard and you’ll feel a whole lot better about life – and you’ll do much better, too.

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