Post Mortem: Fighting Over The Epstein Estate

Post Mortem: Fighting Over The Epstein Estate

The saga of Jeffrey Epstein’s death continues even beyond the grave.

Even as questions remain about the former asset manager’s death while in federal custody , attention is already shifting to the next drama: identifying the contents of his estate and who can claim his assets.

Epstein’s relatives include his brother, Mark, a niece and a nephew, all residing in New York.

The criminal case against Epstein closed with his death, but victims may pursue civil lawsuits against his estate. A decade ago, more than two dozen women reached confidential settlements with Epstein in Florida. Investigators in the case pursued before his death found more evidence when they searched Epstein’s New York townhouse after his arrest.

Some people advocate giving his entire estate to his victims. This will involve establishing the full scope of Epstein’s fortune, which is more difficult with him dead. Prosecutors estimated he made $10 million a year and had a net worth of at least $500 million. If a will has been left, and once it is determined to be valid, an executor would be officially appointed to divide up their estate. It’s not clear who Epstein designated.

While prosecutors moved to seize Epstein’s assets after his arrest, they can no longer continue to do so through criminal proceedings, since the case against him ends with his death. But they could still seek to seize individual assets through a civil forfeiture proceeding if it is determined that the property was used to facilitate crimes or was itself involved in criminal activity.

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