Making Friends with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Three Hot Tips

Making Friends with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Three Hot Tips

Our featured authors want you to log in to LinkedIn – if you’ve been away for a while, they think you’ll notice a difference.

“It’s much more vibrant than it was a few years ago,” they say, more akin to traffic monsters like Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to use LinkedIn to mine for prospects, you need to make the acquaintance of its new-and-improved platform, Sales Navigator, they say. There is a problem, one that you’ve likely encountered: it’s so packed with features that using it effectively requires time that busy advisors may not have to spare. Let’s hear their advice on how to launch into Sales Navigator without too much fuss.

In the standard version of LinkedIn (the free variety), all contacts are saved in the same way – you can’t mark out particularly important subjects, like prospects, competitors or current clients, for closer tracking and attention. In Sales Navigator, you can save these prime contacts as leads. Anything they do, any content they post, you’ll hear about it. Sales Navigator helps you maintain focus on the most valuable information sources and prospects, who otherwise might get lost in the shuffle. 

Crucially, the Sales Navigator search function works more effectively than the one offered in the free version of LinkedIn, say our authors. Just about everyone is on LinkedIn, but members don’t log in with the same frequency as Facebook (to say nothing of YouTube). This can lead to time wasted visiting pages that are rarely accessed or updated. Sales Navigator allows you to filter search results to find active pages – those that have been accessed within the last 30 days, for example. These are the contacts that call for your earliest and best attention, the authors say. 

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