Earning the Friendship and Trust of Rich Acquaintances 

Earning the Friendship and Trust of Rich Acquaintances 

In our line of work, it’s vital to socialize.

It’s a sensitive topic for some, but we’ll sing it out clear: mixing with the wealthy, who can bring your firm big accounts, makes the plainest of sense. It’s a tough market and we’re all on the prowl for business. Wherever the rich mingle, walk through that door. 

It’s not too hard to get started – you’re bright, personable and have interesting insights to offer on a nice range of topics, qualities that make you likeable and valuable – a useful acquaintance. But how do you step things up to real friendship? How do you earn the trust and affection that gets you invited to ever tonier events? 

Our featured author holds out a promising insight: rich people like to be courted. They’re used to it, expect it and know the drill – they’ve got something, you want it and you can get it – if you have a high-value proposition on offer. 

You begin by making yourself useful. There’s innumerable ways to get the job done. Involve yourself in their charitable causes, not just with gifts, but with your time. Does one of their children need a good job? Get their resume and work your network. Imagine the gratitude you’d earn by getting that recent graduate, who’s only ambition seems to be pool lounging, out of the house and on their way. 

Be a good source of business intel. When your firm publishes research, make sure they know first, even before the announcement emails and tweets go out. 

First and foremost, perhaps – cultivate gracious manners. Be honorable and discrete; don’t spread gossip; make yourself likeable to spouses or significant others (just don’t flirt with the latter, under any circumstance). If you drink, make sure it’s never to excess. Old-fashioned manners can still get you far. 

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