The 4Q Dash: Tips on Revving Up Your Practice Before Year-End

The 4Q Dash: Tips on Revving Up Your Practice Before Year-End

The podcast, “How Goes the Behavior-Change Revolution?” provides insights to help your firm accomplish one primary goal before year end.

For some firms, 4Q can be a time of sweaty panic, enervating doldrums or heady productivity that sets the team up for restful holidays and a happy return to the new year’s office. The good news is this: you get to choose your path.

What one behavior are we considering? It’s a trick question, of course, as only your firm can answer it. Management needs to discuss the matter and then bring key staff into the conversation. The question really is this: if you could fix one thing before the year ends – something that would make a big difference in the company’s prospects next year – what would it be?

Setting the goal is the first hurdle and everyone needs to be committed to reaching the finish line. This points to the second step: personalize the race. Make sure the participants understand what they need to do to improve and exactly how they’ll benefit from success or failure. 

Our author underlines that this isn’t a case of management telling everyone what’s wrong with them and demanding they change – ‘you’ve got 120 days, tick-tock, tick-tock’. Instead, they should inspire staff with the spirit of the endeavor and ask them to set the goals themselves. A true professional will have no difficulty with this exercise – confidence and constructive self-criticism have a funny way of running in tandem. 

Finally, hold a 4Q Dash meeting with the entire staff. Underline that everyone, from top to bottom, is responsible for getting it right. Once everyone understands the goal, it’s on your marks, because the new year is already sneaking up on us.

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