Nine Super Ways to Sabotage Your Marketing Campaign

Nine Super Ways to Sabotage Your Marketing Campaign

It’s a tough game, marketing – it’s always been so, and it’s getting harder by the day.

Everyone wants to know what the customers demand – the aging Baby Boomers, the increasingly redoubtable Gen-X, the appealing but slippery Millennials – with tantalizing rewards on offer for those who can serve them. Maddeningly, it seems the prospective clients themselves don’t know what they want, their demands changing with the wind. 

How can you build a successful marketing campaign in these circumstances? For starters, let’s consider ways in which marketing efforts commonly go awry. After all, minefields are much safer if they’re carefully signposted.

Marketing is work for specialists. Unfortunately, the boss often wants the final say in formulating and running the campaigns. This is a great way to fail. We sympathize with a chief who takes responsibility, but we don’t want the chef fixing the car, while the grease monkey tinkers with bouillabaisse. We’ll say it again: marketing is a game for experts. Tinker at your peril.

Who controls the marketing budget? A question fraught with peril. Management knows the purse strings are power and often won’t let them go. This is another recipe for failure: if the marketing team doesn’t manage its own budget, they end up begging for every little need, losing valuable time and opportunities. Effective marketers invariably need a purse of their own. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – are we right? The marketers of the world answer with a resounding ‘no’. But the campaign worked well yesterday, so why not next Tuesday? Simple: because the audience is changing course like a wild river. Customers are fickle today: they know they’re in control and they expect you to jump. And that’s just what you’ll have to do. 


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