Experts Speak: Sell Life Insurance Like a Boss

Experts Speak: Sell Life Insurance Like a Boss

Here’s the latest on the crisis in selling life insurance: there isn’t one.

Most working and family people know they need a life policy and while certain coverage gaps exist (for example, women are often under-insured), prospects overall are good. One industry source expects an increase in US life insurance sales of $15 billion for 2019. The market seems solid and indeed, any gaps represent opportunities for keen agents.

One way to capitalize on this growth is to examine the best practices and advice of the most successful insurance sellers active in the market today. It’s clear enough that technology is evolving and new channels of communication must be aggressively exploited to our advantage. Nevertheless, certain eternal values remain, and in the digital – read impersonal – age, they may be increasing in importance. 

Relationship building never goes out of style. It takes a lot of time – 20-40% of your day, research suggests. Fears of robo-salesmen replacing humans are misplaced with the evidence suggesting that younger customers in particular want sincere, caring relationships with professionals, including their insurance rep.

On the digital front, know this with assurance: customers will be checking up on you. Before they sign any dotted lines, prospects are likely to conduct an internet search and scrutinize your online profile. If you don’t have a presence, get cracking on creating one today. If you do have a solid online profile, keep it current and lively. Customers want to know all about you before they commit, so make their job easy.

Vital though it may be, your online identity will only get you so far – customers still want face-to-face interaction. Interestingly, the Millennial generation, supposedly so bored by flesh and bones reality, is the group most likely to value personal meetings. 

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