You Need New Clients – What Do You Do? A Ten-Step Program

You Need New Clients – What Do You Do? A Ten-Step Program

It happens to the most experienced advisors, those with the bulging client books who produce a steady stream of revenue: the bottom falls out.

It can happen in any number of ways – fierce competition for one, the kind we’re seeing today from adversaries both digital and human. Whatever the reasons, what should you do? Here’s a few ways to get cracking. 

First off, consider the steps you shouldn’t take. Run over your own experience. What worked? What wasted your time? Some of us won’t make cold calls, the bane of our earliest professional years. Others think seminars are a waste of time. Mass emailing usually produces nothing but the distant clicking of ten thousand delete keys. We need to think deeper. 

If you need original ideas, feel free to appropriate the tested techniques of peers. No matter how close the staff in your regional office, you may have trouble getting colleagues to share – sales-driven businesses favor the cutthroat, so you can’t really blame them. 

So be clever about it: speak, for example, to the regional sales manager. Ask what techniques have worked in similar circumstances in other geographical regions. The manager has good reason to support your success and will likely spill the beans, because everyone wins. 

You must spend a dollar to make a dollar – that’s good old-fashioned sense. Check if your firm has a list of approved coaches who can help you find solid leads. Then, determine the best match for your situation and hire them fast. They’ll do the dirty work and save you a lot of floundering, and in the end, you’ll likely find your expenditure well compensated. 

There’s plenty of other tricks to tick off on your clipboard, but while you’re breaking new ground, don’t forget your current clients. List your top customers, consider the services you regularly provide, and think of new ways to help them and generate business for yourself. Once that’s done, arrange a face-to-face meeting – nothing else will do. Remind them of how you’ve served them and present your latest offerings. Don’t let the clients that built your practice suddenly slip away.

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