Top Secret No More: Ways to Boost Your Insurance Sales

Top Secret No More: Ways to Boost Your Insurance Sales

Insurance prospecting shouldn’t be too difficult: everyone needs the products, whether individuals, small business owners, legal and medical professionals – all sorts of folks, as they say.

Nevertheless, agents wise and wizened as Solomon and newbies fresh from the farm, as it were, will all tell you the same: it’s a tough racket. 

Are there any secrets of the trade, tried and tested, that can help us out? Sure, but there’s no disguising the tough market we face today. Potential clients are smart and demanding – not at all bad things. However, given that we’re salespeople, they’re also suspicious. Once we have signed on a client, there’s ample opportunity to demonstrate our trustworthiness and performance. But how do we get to that dotted starting line?

Here’s one secret revealed: the start of a good marketing campaign begins by asking yourself a few questions. What you need to know is this: what are your strengths? What sets you apart from competitors? When clients pay you professional compliments, what facets of your performance do they indicate? Are you good at solving certain kinds of problems, selling particular products, or working with specific client groups? Discover what you’re truly good at and you’ll know where to begin. 

The next step follows naturally enough: define your targets. Acting on secret no. 1 will point you in the right direction. Are you good at retirement planning? Do you have a penchant for liability? Are you particularly strong working with young people, the elderly, lawyers, average working people, or big businesses? In simplest terms, who can you help the most?

Now it’s time to work on your message, and the secret to making it count is this: it needs to be timely, to the point and aimed in the right direction – at the correct target audience. Boilerplate won’t do: your campaign needs to be precisely on-target with the chosen customer group. People don’t want vague marketing babble today: prove that you understand their needs and are ready to serve them, and they’ll quickly take notice of you.

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