Spooky Stuff: Can Horror Movie Characters Scare Insurance Unbelievers into Action?

Spooky Stuff: Can Horror Movie Characters Scare Insurance Unbelievers into Action?

You have a client; they need insurance; they won’t sign the dotted line.

There’s tested ways to get through to them: case studies, personal experience, quantitative information with all the charts and tables. Sometimes, they remain impervious, even to the tried-and-true.

So how about a good old-fashioned scary story? It’s that time of year – indeed, in the insurance business, it’s always the proper season, because in life, no one knows what’s lurking around the next darkened corner. Ask us and we’ll tell you all about it.

Here’s some interesting numbers: around 70% of Americans think life insurance is essential – a non-negotiable proposition. Meanwhile, 40% lack any life coverage at all, to say nothing of the underinsured living quietly among us. What can explain this macabre dance with chance? 

A clever agent has come up with a clever way to improve the insurance education and determination of his clients: he talks about scary movies. It’s an unorthodox approach, but it can be spellbinding. 

In the film Us, Adelaide is a model mother figure willing to stare down any peril to protect her family. In facing the phantom menace of the film, the Tethered (a bit complex to explain; even viewers are a bit hazy), she’s taking on a lot of risk – after all, her kids need her to survive. What Adelaide needs is a term life policy: if the Tethered shred her, her kids will be paid a steady, long-term income, which could presumably be used to buy chainsaws or perhaps express tickets to distant destinations.

Poor Wendy Torrence in The Shining: so trusting and vulnerable, emotionally wobbly, but then again, pretty sharp when wielding a baseball bat. Wendy doesn’t work outside the home (though raising a son and soothing a psychopathic husband taxing duties), so when her husband takes his final ice bath, the family may run short of money. All hallucinations and no insurance make Jack a real risk. Let’s hope a sharp agent speaks to him before he begins his final slide into darkness.

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