Diabetes Has a New Ally

Diabetes Has a New Ally

Diabetes sufferers sometimes feel like the odd men and women out: their condition can be debilitating and expensive to treat, with a stigma attached.

Why this would be is hard to imagine, but perhaps the culprit is fear, rising as the condition spreads among the population.

Some insurers have shied away from diabetics, but John Hancock has taken a contrary approach that might serve as a guide for other providers. Their new program is called John Hancock Aspire with Vitality – the creation of global financial services firm Manulife Financial Corporation and Onduo, which endeavors to provide diabetes care solutions to patients. 

JH was already providing its Vitality program to life insurance customers. This involves using an app to measure health parameters, along with lifestyle tips to better overall health and wellbeing. Participants who follow the program’s advice can earn a reduction of up to 25% on their premiums. 

Aspire now adds a focused diabetes care program. Onduo will provide participants with access to its clinics and a blood glucose monitor linked to its specialist app. Type 1 and Type 2 sufferers are both eligible for the Aspire program. As in the case of Vitality, participants who follow the program’s advice can have their premiums reduced by as much as 25%. 

Program participants will be offered individualized advice on maintaining and improving their health, regular assistance via the app, and a rewards program. Incentive points can be earned by people who manage to maintain or better their health.

John Hancock said they launched the program in response to data that revealed around 30 million diabetes sufferers in America were either underinsured or had no coverage at all. 

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