Relying on Referrals? Time to Expand Your Marketing Reach

Relying on Referrals? Time to Expand Your Marketing Reach

Referrals really are golden – if you need a smooth stock tip, a rewarding new job, an ‘in’ at a sports club, a swanky hotel room, a creaky seat at a hot smoky BBQ joint– before anything else, work your network.

It’s a fine path if you want new prospects, too. Everyone does it and there’s no denying it works – well, up to a point. 

Even success can go too far. Over-reliance on a single strategy can leave us high-and-dry in the drought. We may even be suffering from ‘victory disease’ – so much success, so many prospects are calling, we fail to try new ideas and better ways. Empires have tumbled for lesser failings.

You need to stretch. No matter how big your circle, there’s more you haven’t yet met – including some dream client potential. 

Set out your checklist: first up, identify your target client audience. Don’t try marketing to everyone – not all clients are created equal. Consider your best customers today. What sets them apart? Why do they value your services? Where did you find them? Now you should be getting somewhere.

Answer a simple question: why should a client hire you and not someone else with a similar pedigree, possibly more experience, a snappier tie – or potentially, even a robot? What sets you apart from the burgeoning competition? What have satisfied customers told you on the matter? 

If you’re holding a workshop, be sure to lay out the way you do business. What do you expect – even demand – from clients? Tell them what you need in order to best serve them. How will you interact – how often will you call – can they get you on weekends? Get into the nuts and bolts of your future relationship and they’ll know up front if it’s a good match – for both of you.

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