Video Builds Advisory Stars: How to Use It Effectively

Video Builds Advisory Stars: How to Use It Effectively

Clients love videos – a neuro-specialist could likely explain the ways that moving pictures influence us, and why the brains accept visually supported information so easily, while the printed word eventually tires us out.

Perhaps it’s simple a matter of variety: people like to receive messages in different formats – it keeps the mind fresh. 

Whatever the experts might say, we know well that video presentations are effective – our clients often tell us so. How can your advisory practice use video in ways that will garner client attention? Let’s break it down in a list.

Conferences – well, the jury is out on whether anyone really loves such beasties, but we suppose tastes are broad enough to encompass these stress-testers. There’s little disputing, though, that conferences, the kind that gather real experts on investment, estate planning, retirement and so on, can be supremely useful to clients. 

If you host such an event, be sure to create a highlight reel to post on your website. A 15-second clip of each speaker, presenting the pith of their message, is enough to stimulate a viewer – hopefully, into making a call to their advisor. 

Next, your advisors can create personalized videos for niche clients. If you want to reach customers in the 50+ category – perhaps it’s time to consider a term life policy – you can make a video primed for that audience. Videos can be aimed at individuals, too – a happy birthday, congratulations at a promotion or other positive life event, an individualized product offering – your imagination sets the limit on productive ideas.

Instructional videos are widely welcomed, particularly by new clients. The myriad features of your website may not be as easy-to-use as you think. A quick video demonstration germane to each task can be pinned to every page. We think customers, often overwhelmed by so many bells and whistles, will be grateful, while their deeper involvement in your online offering is the goal. 

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