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A Reputation for Delivering Sales

Since 1993, Cavalier Associates has built a reputation for delivering sales, marketing, planning and underwriting support to the upscale life insurance producer. We’re dedicated to strengthening our position through the expansion of our Agency’s marketing team, which we believe is the best in the business. To help us reach our goals, we are positioned to invest in talented people who are motivated by the challenges and rewards of creating their own destiny.

While being a visionary and offering the universe of insurance products are extremely important, the single most important factor that contributes to our firm’s success and ultimately the insurance producer who elects to do business with our organization is the commitment we make to our staff that in turn make to the insurance producer.

We feel commitment ignites action.

As an organization, we strive to consistently pledge ourselves to a certain purpose or line of conduct that is critical to an independent insurance producers’ success. We have a sound set of beliefs that we adhere to with our actions. It is the strength of our commitments that differentiate us from the rest.

…the basic philosophy, spirit, and drive of an organization have far more to do with its relative achievements than do technological or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation, and timing. All these things weigh heavily in success. But they are, I think, transcended by how strongly the people in the organization believe in its basic precepts and how faithfully they carry them out.”

from Thomas J. Watson, Jr.,
A Business and its Beliefs - The ideas that helped build IBM

Our Team

One of Cavalier Associates’ strongest assets is its “human capital”. The breadth of experience and dedication of our Marketing Consultants and Case Management team is second to none. It is truly a rare combination of enough experience to know the intricacies of our business, enough youth and energy to do the heavy lifting required, and the right attitude to solve the most challenging cases. Please click through to learn more about our Marketing Consultants and General Agents.
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General Agent
General Agent

Join Our Team

At Cavalier, our people are characterized by adjectives like visionary, innovative, empowered, and determined.  We are looking for high-quality people to join us.