Our Commitment

While being a visionary and offering the universe of insurance products are extremely important, the single most important factor that contributes to our firm’s success and ultimately the insurance producer who elects to do business with our organization is the commitment we make to our staff that in turn make to the insurance producer.


Developing new ways to help you by assembling a collection of “best in class” resources.


Cavalier Associates serves four primary market segments in the insurance industry.


Just as the insurance carriers we represent are hand-picked, each tool has been carefully selected to provide a high level of utility.

Identifying & Capitalizing

Our staff is responsible for identifying and capitalizing on market trends and product opportunities. We specialize in large case management, advance sales support, sub-standard or hard to place cases, as well as underwriting and product niches.

Estate Planning

Far too often Estate Planning means nothing more than providing liquidity to pay potential estate taxes. In its true form, the art of Estate…

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer is yet another holistic art that integrates the best practices from many other disciplines, such as investing, estate planning…

Wealth Accumulation

can provide an array of insurance strategies that your clients can choose from to help them with some of the risks associated with financial…


We serve four primary market segments in the insurance industry.

We have assembled a product and service portfolio that covers all four of these primary market segments.


Middle Market

Our team is highly engaged with middle market clients with a continual commitment on growth.

Mass Affluent Market

Our targeted strategies for the mass affluent market have proven to achieve considerable success for our clients.

Affluent Market

There is no one-size-fits-all. Our personalized approach ensures multi-generational success for our affluent market clients.

Older Age Market

Older age clients think differently. We have the expertise that allow us to tap into that mindset and provide services that specifically foster their needs.

Our Team

One of Cavalier Associates’ strongest assets is its “human capital”.
The breadth of experience and dedication of our Marketing Consultants and Case Management team is second to none.

It is truly a rare combination of enough experience to know the intricacies of our business, enough youth and energy to do the heavy lifting required, and the right attitude to solve the most challenging cases. Please click through to learn more about our Marketing Consultants and General Agents.

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