Serving Four Primary Market Segments

Whether your next opportunity requires a simplified underwriting process, affordable term life insurance, funding for a Buy/Sell agreement or an exotic, multi-index universal life insurance product with financed premiums, Cavalier Associates Marketing Consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist you in closing your next sale.

Middle Market

Our team is highly engaged with middle market clients with a continual commitment on growth.

Mass Affluent Market

Our targeted strategies for the mass affluent market have proven to achieve considerable success for our clients.

Affluent Market

There is no one-size-fits-all. Our personalized approach ensures multi-generational success for our affluent market clients.

Older Age Market

Older age clients think differently. We have the expertise that allow us to tap into that mindset and provide services that specifically foster their needs.

Service Portfolio

We have assembled a product and service portfolio that covers all four of these primary market segments


Far too often Estate Planning means nothing more than providing liquidity to pay potential estate taxes. In its true form, the art of Estate Planning encompasses far more than calculating a tax bill…

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Wealth Transfer is yet another holistic art that integrates the best practices from many other disciplines, such as investing, estate planning, tax advice and insurance planning…

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Cavalier Associates can provide an array of insurance strategies that your clients can choose from to help them with some of the risks associated with financial planning. The proper use of insurance…

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is all about exit strategies. Whether the plan is to keep the business in the family, pass it to a key employee or sell it on the open market, proper planning is critical to identify potential buyers…

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What was once a rather straightforward discussion of Disability Income protection has become a diverse collection of tools to guard against a myriad of potential disruptions to not only a client’s…

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Long Term
Care Insurance

As one of the most significant risks to net worth that the older age client faces, planning for long term care expenses is a critical part of the planning process today. When coupled with the rapid rise…

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