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About Us

Since 1993, Cavalier Associates has built a reputation for delivering sales, marketing, planning and underwriting support to the upscale life insurance producer.


“Best In Class” Resources

Cavalier Associates has assembled a collection of “best in class” resources for the insurance professional. Just as the insurance carriers we represent are hand-picked, each tool has been carefully selected to provide a high level of utility, ease of use, and ease of access.

While we are very pleased with the package we have assembled, we believe that the most effective tool we have is our ability to work in partnership with our insurance producers. With this in mind, we encourage you to remember we are only a phone call away as you are working on your next case.


Insurance Carrier Partners

We selected each of our insurance partners with great care.

Life Insurance

Each of our life carriers has been selected for a specific purpose. The reasons vary from top financial strength, product innovation, and…

Long Term Care Insurance

Financial ratings, commitment to the market, and competitive products and rates are the major criteria used to select and maintain the portfolio of…


Commitment to the market, benefit definitions, and financial strength are the primary criteria used to select our portfolio of disability carriers…

Linked Benefits

As Linked Benefit Life/LTC products gain momentum it is critical that the product represent not only an excellent economic value, but…


Financial ratings, innovative product offerings, competitive product features, and a long term view on the market are the major criteria…


Please enjoy the collection of quoting tools we have placed at your disposal. As pleased as we are with these resources, we also feel strongly that there is more to case design than simply running a spreadsheet of term or UL products and picking one. We invite you to start the research for your next case here, and encourage you to reach out to your Marketing Consultant for a more thorough discussion of the carrier selection process at your earliest opportunity.


More than ever, proper packaging and presentation of a life insurance application is critical to its ultimate success.


With this in mind we have assembled a small but important array of forms for you to use to collect the essential data about your client to begin the process. Whether it is one of the impairment specific questionnaires or the more powerful Preliminary Application we are ready to get down to work on your next case. As with any other aspect of your business, we stand ready to discuss your next case directly. Please contact your Marketing Consultant to start the process or access additional questionnaires as appropriate.

Please use our Preliminary Application to allow us to obtain your client’s medical records and share them with our carriers on an informal basis.

Please use the following impairment specific questionnaires to collect more detailed information about your client’s medial history.


Please log In below to access the Forms section. If you do not have a password please contact your Cavalier Associates Marketing Consultant or Case Manager.

Carrier Financials

If you need access to major financial ratings of an insurance company that you plan to take an application with, please use the VitalSigns service for a summary of a carrier’s financial position, ratings, and ranking versus its peers.


Since 1993, Cavalier Associates has built a reputation for delivering sales, marketing, planning and underwriting support to the upscale life insurance producer.


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