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Explore our resource catalog to learn, design and implement strategies and tactics that will help you grow your business and deliver added value to your clients. Topics range from premium financing to business strategy and critical industry issues.


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Advanced Planning

Learn opportunities in designing planning solutions evaluating the intersection of underwriting, carrier, product, design and funding.

Practice Management

Learn strategies to attract, retain and drive new business using the latest sales and marketing techniques, as well as business best practices.

Educational & Tactical

Increase your knowledge base by learning product-specific and tactical strategies you can immediately implement in your practice today.


The Premium Finance Tool Kit

Resources to help you assess, analyze and execute premium financed life insurance transactions.


The DOL Resource Center

The following resources will help you navigate through all the changes in the DOL Fiduciary Standard.

All About
Asset-Based Long Term Care

Everything you need to know about Asset-Based Long Term Care products.


Exemption Planning with
Private Retirement TrustsSM

Find out about the Most Powerful Exemption for Californians

Underwriting Guidelines

Your resource center for all things concerning underwriting.


Life Insurance Sales Ideas

Find opportunities with new clients or convert cases with existing clients using these innovative case designs.